About Journal of Economic and Social Development

Economic and social development is in the focus of interest of every contemporary society: equally in developed countries and also in countries which are still going in that direction. Therefore, it is not unusual that conferences dedicated to economic and social development cause attention of numerous researchers across the world. Since majority of researchers come from academic community, their interest is to publish papers in journals important for their profession and scientific discipline. Organizers of conferences on economic and social development aim to help all collaborators in the development of their scientific projects, and especially in the dissemination of their research results. That was the main reason to start Journal of Economic and Social Development, which after few years of primarily publishing selected papers from regular and thematic conferences, JESD now presents unpublished papers and is open for all authors worldwide.

Editorial Board

General Information
(frequency, review, access, fees, archiving policy)

Journal of Economic and Social Development is published two (2) times a year. All papers in JESD are double blind peer reviewed and online edition is open access. There are no sumbission, processing or any other fees/charges for authors. Journal is declared, registered and properly archived at National and University Library in Zagreb.

Aims and Scope

The aim of Journal of Economic and Social Development is to publish and give access to research articles on topics related to social sciences, mainly in field of business and economics. JESD gathers best papers from International Scientific Conferences "Economic and Social Development" (esd Conference - www.esd-conference.com). The scope of the Journal is focused, yet not limited to the following fields: Business Administration, Economics, Business Law, Econometrics, Business Economics, Macroeconomics, Corporate Governance, Business Continuity, Social Responsibility and more.

Open Access Statement

JESD is completely and fully open access Journal, which means that all articles are promptly uploaded and easily available on the Internet immediately upon publication. We grant all users a full right to access, read, use, download, copy, print and distribute JESD content worldwide. Authors retain copyright of their work.

License and Copyright

Creative Commons licence - Ovo djelo je dano na korištenje pod licencom (Under License CC Attribution 3.0) Creative Commons Imenovanje 3.0 Hrvatska.
cc licence

Journal of Economic and Social Development (JESD) represents selection of the best papers from International Scientific Conferences "Economic and Social Development" (esd Conference), and all authors (co-authors) are familiar that their conference paper could be selected for further publishing in JESD. Upon reviewers decision, authors will be notified that their "esd Conference" paper is selected for the next issue of JESD. Email address used in esd Conference registration process will represent main communicating channel. Authors agree and confirm that JESD may retain their institutional information and email address for the purpose of future communicating and for making it available in published edition. Authors also agree to notify JESD if their details change.

All queries regarding copyright / licensing should be sent immediately to avoid any delay in publications and to be resolved quickly (dcingula@esd-conference.com). Authors may use their published material in other publications (re-written, edited, expanded etc.) if JESD is acknowledged as the original place of publication, Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency as the publisher and University North as the co-publisher. Work selected for JESD publication, and previously submitted for esd Conference, must be previously unpublished, original and not under evaluation / consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are responsible for the originality and authenticity as well as for the linguistic and technical accuracy of their work.

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