Desktop study of the Financial Performance of Print Media in Advent of Social Media-Desktop


Author(s): Alice Nyandoro, Newman Wadesango & Lovemore Sitsha

The purpose of this desktop study was to establish the financial performance of print media in advent of social media. We have located the research of this paper within a qualitative approach. This decision was informed by the fact that this paper is not interested in the quantification of data. But its main interest lies in the painting of qualitatively rich picture of the phenomena being studied within the context of limited respondents. To this end, the problem of this study is explained descriptively and theoretically for the purpose of generating a crispy understanding of the financial performance of Print Media in Advent of Social Media. In terms of data collection, the authors sourced and reviewed literature on the topic. Among others, this sources included journal articles, books, magazines and newspapers. The results indicated that social media cause the print media, particularly the newspaper division a huge loss in revenue and advertisement and it also indicated that there is a negative relationship between financial performance and social media.