Fuzzy Adoption of Lean and Green Paradigms on Freight Logistics


Author(s): Thokozani Patmond Mbhele

The green logistics industry has the propensity to contribute to overall supply chain operationalisation and economic growth. The confluence of lean practices and green initiative paradigms for logistics activities minimises operational costs and environmental degradation. This study investigates the effects of lean logistics within the road freight network; analyses the opportunity costs engendering from adopting green logistics initiatives; and evaluates the relationship between lean practices and adopting green practices in logistics systems. An exploratory research design using a quantitative approach was adopted and univariate, bivariate, and multivariate statistical analysis was employed to analyse the data collected from 210 respondents. The study found that company policy and technological advances are key factors for the transport optimisation of lean and green practices and that logistics businesses could grow their operations by adopting lean practices