Motivations for Traditional Social Media Use: The Case of Facebook Users


Author(s): Matea Matic Sosic & Matea Matic Sosic

The purpose of this study is to examine the general profile of traditional social media users and to identify the activities of users in the social media environment. In addition, the paper aims to provide an overview of the use of social media for consumer engagement. Data were collected using an online questionnaire distributed through social networks such as Facebook. Multivariate and inferential analyses were applied to a sample of 504 social media users. Factor analysis revealed two factors, emotional and rational. The results show that emotional and rational users consider social networks as an important part of their life routine and use them several times a day. For emotional users, social networks are the place where they comment and recommend purchased products, as well as follow news and trends, which concerns rational users. In contrast, emotional and rational users view social media as the place where they can get the best insight into company news and trends.